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Labyrinth Alpha–Omega, An Introduction to the how, what and why of labyrinths and labyrinth walking.

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Labyrinth Alpha–Omega, An Introduction to the how, what and why of labyrinths and labyrinth walking
by Clive Johnson

104 pages, ISBN 978-0-9957351-0-1, 6 illustrations.
Available as paperback, eBook and Audible versions. English and Spanish editions.

Labyrinths have fascinated the people of many different cultures, across many millennia. Their popularity in recent times is phenomenal–more labyrinths have come into being since the start of the twenty-first century than in the remainder of human history put together. Today, hundreds of thousands of people regularly walk labyrinths.

Labyrinths are found in public squares, hospital gardens, university campuses, and school playgrounds. Portable, canvas labyrinths and lap-held finger versions have brought the labyrinth to new communities, and made them accessible in the home.

This book sets out to explore why this explosion in interest is happening, and asks what happens when a person steps into the labyrinth. Following a brief survey of the history of labyrinths, it turns to question how we should approach walking a labyrinth, and offers many practical suggestions for first-time walkers, as well as individuals and groups who are considering commissioning or creating a labyrinth of their own.

An extensive guide to available resources for locating, making, buying, and working with labyrinths is included in this innovative and accessible book.

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