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Labyrinthe Press is a small, UK-based publisher of spirituality titles. We aim to publish 5-10 titles each year for a general English-language readership, as well as some titles in translation. Our publications are distributed via Amazon, IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, and other networks. Find out more about our most recent publications by clicking on the titles listed below.

Being Spiritual:
What this Means,
and Does Religion Matter?
    The Kids that
live on the
    Fairy Stories
& Fairy Stories
    Arabian Nights
& Arabian Nights
Fairy Story
Shorts: Little
Red Riding Hood
    Labyrinth A–Ω     Understanding Interfaith     The Complete
Guide To
Managing People
The Complete
Guide To
    Picturing God     Managing Conflict at Work+     Managing Coaching at Work+    
Tales of Old
Stories from
The Old Testament

+ Published by Kogan Page.

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