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Audiobook publishing

Labyrinthe Press publishes its own titles as well as narrating/producing audiobooks on behalf of independent authors and publishers. Our productions are distributed via Amazon and Audible.Find out more about our most recent work by clicking on the titles listed below.

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    The Three Little Pigs         Jack and the Beanstalk         The Princess and the Pea     The Prince and the Princess in the Forest    
    The Sleeping Beauty         Puss in Boots         Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp     Sinbad the Porter and the Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor    
    Fairy Stories & Fairy Stories         Little Red Riding Hood         Goldilocks and the Three Bears     Labyrinth A-Z    
    Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer         What Is Truth?         From Stagnation to Transformation     Right Mind, Wrong Body    
    A Dialogue About God         Daily Proverbs         Aphorisms     Four Ethical Theories    
    World History in 50 Events         The G-Code         Identity     Existentialism    
    Being Spiritual         Understanding Interfaith         With the Jarl's Blessing     In the Devil's Own Words    
    Picturing God         Reflections: Cathedral Chronicles 2         Little War in London     Blood Borne: Cathedral Chronicles 3    
    The Philosophy of Religion                                    

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